Rollforming Unit
Rollforming Unit

We have a large range of spare parts for the most common rollforming units. This includes rolls, wedges, pivot bearings, side plates and much more. Many of these parts are kept in stock an can be sent out in a very short time.

Do you need a complete new rollforming unit or just a right module? We would be happy to provide you with what every you need. Our rollforming units are delivered ready for installation. If conversions or overhaul work is needed on your rollformer, we would be happy to help.

SABATEC can assist with ...

  • calculations for special applications such as the process of thin sheet blanks.
  • construction changes for extended height ranges. (FBB5501 to Hmax. 180mm)
  • integration of a scoring station.
  • the conversation of your feeder to 4 separating air nozzles.
  • reduction stroke for a high-speed feeder.
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